Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS-SVRS Variable Speed Energy Saving Pump, 230V

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Pentair IntelliFlo VS+SVRS 3HP Pool Pump - 011017
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About the Pentair 011017
The Pentair IntelliFlo VS+SVRS 3HP Pump provides the ultimate in efficiency and it conveniently adjusts to the size of your pool.

Pool Pump Features:

  • Cam and Ramp lid for easy inspection and cleaning
  • On board control system
  • Safety Vacuum Release System
  • VGB compliant
  • Programmable speeds
  • Safety lock-out feature
  • Oversized strainer basket extends time between cleanings
  • Compatible with IntelliTouch automation system
  • Operates quietly
  • TEFC motor
  • Save up to 90% in energy costs
  • Note: The IntelliFlo 011017 Pool Pump does not work with in-floor pool cleaning systems. If you are looking for a pump that will work with an in-floor pool cleaning system, try the IntelliFlo 011018 Pool Pump.


Energy-Star Certified

Energy-Star Certified

Pentair IntelliFlo Pumps were the first Energy-Star certified pool pumps in the industry, and have been proven to help save money and protect the environment as energy-efficient pool pumps. Join the leading edge of efficiency with an Intelliflo Variable-Speed Pool Pump today!
Energy Savings

Energy Savings

The IntelliFlo VS+SVRS has variable-speed intelligence that lets your pump work only as hard as it needs to. It can save you up to 90% on pool pump energy costs, which can amount to hundreds of dollars per year and thousands of dollars over the life of the pump!
Easy to use

Easy to use

The IntelliFlo VS+SVRS makes operation a cinch. Settings can be programmed in seconds, and water features can be adjusted with the touch of a button. Increase or decrease water flow at your leisure, and easily set your equipment and features at optimum speeds for minimum energy consumption
Silent Operation

Silent Operation

IntelliFlo pumps feature an exclusive permanent magnet motor and a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) design that creates substantially less vibration than traditional induction motors.

More Information

The Pentair IntelliFlo VS+SVRS 3HP Pump provides the ultimate in efficiency. It conveniently adjusts to the size of your pool, giving you maximum savings while using minimal energy. Featuring an on-board control system, you can quickly filter, vacuum, backwash, or turn on features to work at optimum flow with the push of a button. Its digital readout makes managing your water flow quick and simple, and built-in diagnostics detect the most common causes of premature pump failure and automatically take the appropriate action to prevent it.

The IntelliFlo VS+SVRS is equipped with a Safety Vacuum Release System that’s VGB compliant and adds another layer of safety to your pool. With programmable speeds and a password protected safety-lock out system, this pump brings convenience and reliability to your pool system and delivers up to 90% savings in energy costs.

Pentair 011017 Specifications



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Guillaume said:
Location: Dallas, TX
Huge savings and cleaner pool
1 year ago
I bought and installed this pump few months ago and it has been running perfectly since. I run the pump at low speed 24/7, which saves me a ton of money versus running my old pump 8~10 hours per day at full speed. By running the pump non stop, I am also now able to generate enough chlorine (salt pool) and keep my water sparkling with virtually no maintenance.
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Bruce said:
2 years ago
I purchased my first Pentair IntelliFlo VS+SVRS 3HP four years ago. It is extremely quiet. It has paid for itself in three years however I had to replace the pump this year due to extreme corrosion of the pump casing and parts. Given this the replacement cost out ways the cost savings. I have spoken with the factory engineering however there wasn't a resolution. I verified the system grounding which they suggested and verified it was correct. I didn't feel safe with the severally deteriorated condition .. more
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Jeff said:
2 years ago
I got my pump yesterday and hooked it up in under an hour. I ran perfectly the first time. I programmed it to start this morning and is performing well. Hope it saves me money!
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John said:
3 years ago
This is an incredible pump! The pool technicians who came to open my pool became very excited when they saw it and called it "The Bentley of Pool Pumps!" It is so quiet I have to look to see if it is running when on the bottom 2 settings and even the top setting is quiet enough to talk comfortably right next to it, yet it produces to much suction the pool water looks incredible!
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Andy said:
5 years ago
Just installed this pump, Its really really quiet. I though this pump had the software to calculate the number of turn overs in a day and set the cycles, but that is the VF model not the VS model. It was a saving of about $100 for the VS model. So instead of the pump calculating the number of turn overs I did it on paper. I don‘t think it will be changed that much so the return on investment will be quicker with this pump. So far very happy with my purchase. I‘ll see at the .. more
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