Paramount iJet Variable Speed Orifice Return Eyeball Jet

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Paramount iJet Variable Speed Orifice Return Eyeball Jet
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About the Paramount iJet
The Paramount iJet is a self-regulating variable orifice return eyeball provides water circulation as your pump runs at lower speeds.

Pool Part Features:

  • Variable Speed Orifice Return Eyeball
  • Works with variable speed pumps
  • Installs on 1-1/2” threaded or slip returns
  • Low speeds: acts as 3/8” eyeball
  • High speeds: acts as 3/4” eyeball
  • Self-regulating return
  • Easy installation
  • Eliminates need for different return types
  • One iJet for each return line is required
  • Please see "All Media" section for color options

Pool Part Highlights:

Variable Speed Compatible

Variable Speed Compatible

The Paramount iJet works with variable speed pool pumps and provides water circulation and optimum performance at all speed settings.


The iJet return adjusts from a 3/8" eyeball for low speed settings to a 3/4" eyeball during high speed settings. At low speeds, the iJet provides ideal circulation and during high speeds it reduces the restriction on the system.
Low Speed Benefits

Low Speed Benefits

Set at a lower RPM speed results in maximized flow velocity, increased dispersion range, enhanced pool chemical performance, reduced pool maintenance time, and a healthier pool environment with prevention of algae build up.

More Information

The Paramount iJet: At lower speeds, the iJet acts as a 3/8" eyeball, providing ideal water velocity, agitation, and circulation compared to a normal unregulated 3/4" return at low speeds.

The Paramount iJet Variable Speed Orifice Return Eyeball is perfect for all pumps and works outstandingly with variable speed pumps. The iJet provides efficient water circulation while your pump runs at lower speeds and automatically opens to full orifice size when the pump runs at full speed.

The iJet Variable Speed Orifice Return Eyeball Jet reacts to your pumps setting and self-adjusts for optimum efficiency, performance, and cost savings. Acting as a 3/8” eyeball at low speeds, the iJet provides great agitation and circulation. At high speeds, the iJet acts as a 3/4” eyeball while it reduces back pressure on the system, which extends your pumps lifespan.

The Paramount iJet comes in multiple different colors and is available for 1-1/2” threaded or slip returns. Each jet is also available in a two or four pack as most users need more than one return. If you want the best jets possible for your variable speed pool pump, the Paramount iJet Orifice Return Eyeball is the perfect fit.

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Raymond said:
Location: Houston TX
Pretty good
4 months ago
I would rather give them a four star but I do not wish to under rate them. The truth is I do have better surface tension break up with my low flow pump and very good movement on the higher flows. The reason I would consider a four star rating is that the manufacturer would have you believe that all your jets were 3/4 when your pool might have been built, considering you may have had a constant speed pump. I have install two variable speed pumps on my pool and this was the first time I replaced .. more
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Thomas said:
Location: Lewisville, TX
7 months ago
I'm really pleased with the results. It improved the surface turbulence enough that I could turn the variable speed pump down even further and still get good results. Highly recommended...
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Andrew said:
Location: Vacaville, CA
Old eyeballs were a little tough to remove.
1 year ago
I couldn't have gotten them off without my eyeball removal tool ($3.99): SP1419T
And the clear surround piece is aimable to direct the flow wherever you want
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PoolSupplyWorld said:
1 year ago
Thanks for the good tip! I've linked the removal tool as a "Frequently Bought Together" item with this, so other people can see the suggestion.

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