Paramount 005402383400 Clear O3 Water Purifying System Replacement Lamp

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Clear O3 Replacement Lamp
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About the Paramount 005402383400
Paramount Clear O3 Water Purifying System Lamp - 005402383400

Pool Ozonator Features:

  • Alternate SKU: 005-402-3834-00
  • New Flow Meter is easy to read and is simple to set for maximum efficiency
  • ClearO3 has the highest concentration of ozone with the least amount of air injected into the system

More Information

The Paramount Clear O3 Bulb is the perfect replacement for your Clear O3 ozone system. This UV bulb helps to generate a powerfully effective level of ozone to clean pool water. Installation is easy, and replacing your bulb every three years will ensure your Clear O3 system will continue to produce an effective amount of ozone.

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Tim said:
Location: Las Vegas, NV
New Lamp Does Not Work, Might Not Be Lamps Fault
1 year ago
The new lamp visually looks fine, cannot see any reason it should not work, unlike the old lamp that I pulled out. Filaments, wires, glass, it all looks new and like it should work. Installed in existing unit, does not light. Not sure how old existing Ozonator is, I believe about 4 years. That's 4 years baking the HOT Las Vegas sun day after day - facing West. To be honest I've not done any diagnostics / trouble shooting yet beyond installing the new lamp. My pool guy said he's heard sometimes .. more
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Guest said:
Location: Rio Rancho
1 year ago
The lamp arrived fairly quickly however it doesn't work. We checked the system and it appears to be working ok. It has power. The lamp just will not light. There appears to be some corrosion at both ends of the lamp. Now waiting for the replacement process to work
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Nick said:
2 years ago
I contacted ClearO3 tech support after receiving this item because there were silver spots inside the glass on each end, and some fogging inside as well. They explained that the silver spots were mercury, and the fogging occurs when they test-light the lamps before sending them out of manufacturing. Apparently this is all normal, but somewhat disturbing because it looked like I had received a used lamp instead of a new one. Nick
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