Clear O3 Flow Meter Kit
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Paramount 005402324700 Clear O3 Water Purifying System Flow Meter Kit

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Paramount Clear O3 Water Purifying System Flow Meter Kit - 005402324700

Pool Ozonator Features:

  • Alternate SKU: 005-402-3247-00
  • New Flow Meter is easy to read and is simple to set for maximum efficiency
  • ClearO3 has the highest concentration of ozone with the least amount of air injected into the system


The Clear O3 water purifying system is the perfect addition to any new or existing pool for the cleanest water possible. Ozone actively breaks down non-living waste products in pool water which can combine with chlorine to form unhealthy by-products that can irritate skin and have been linked to asthma and other ailments. Use of ozone reduces the demand for pool chemicals by up to 70% and allows the chlorine in the pool to work more effectively as a disinfectant. The patent pending ClearO3 consists of an extruded aluminum main body with fiber filled PPO resin end caps, so it is engineered to survive in the pool equipment environment. The cylindrical chamber of the Paramount ClearO3 system is optimized for maximum ozone generation and is sealed to minimize ozone leakage making the unit both powerful and safe around swimming pools. Radiant heat ribs dissipate heat to maintain ozone output at peak operating temperatures and the side panel is removable, making maintenance and bulb replacement easy.