Oreq Pro White All Purpose Brush
Oreq Pro White All Purpose Brush Oreq Pro White All Purpose Brush Oreq Pro White All Purpose Brush
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Oreq BR4022W 22in. Pro All Purpose Poly Bristle Brush

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Short Description

Oreq's 22" Pro all purpose pool brush is made with black poly bristles and uses the SpeedLock system to connect to your pole.

Pool Maintenance Features:

  • Pool maintenance brush
  • 22" wide
  • Made with poly bristles
  • Easy spring clip
  • Black bristles, white handle
  • Patented SpeedLock system
  • Corner brushing
  • No metal = No corrosion or rust


The Oreq 22" Pro all purpose pool brush uses the patented SpeedLock system to clean your pool more efficiently than the standard pool brush. This brush is made with black, bold, poly bristles that come with more volume, length and UV protection allowing this brush to last longer and perform better. The bristled end caps are designed for corner brushing to get all of the dirt and debris in those hard to reach corners of your pool.


SpeedLock System

SpeedLock System

The patented SpeedLock collar strengthens the pole connection and allows it to flex and bend when it’s needed. This helps to eliminate pole flare damage and extends the life of your pole.