Nature 2 LM3-15 Salt Chlorinator
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Nature 2 W386510 Clearwater LM3-15 Salt Water Chlorinator (Up to 15,000 Gallons)

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Short Description

The Zodiac LM3 Salt Water Chlorinator will give you mesmerizing water that's so clean and crystal clear, you'll have the most inviting pool.

Salt Chlorinator Features:

  • The LM3-15 with an output of 15 grams of pure chlorine per hour is specifically designed to chlorinate small pools up to 15,000 gallons
  • The LM3-24 with an output of 24 grams of pure chlorine per hour and can easily chlorinate a 25,000 gallon pool
  • The LM3-40 with an output of 40 grams of pure chlorine per hour and can easily chlorinate a 40,000 gallon pool


World Leadership

When a group of engineers developed the first salt water chlorinator with Clearwater Technology in Australia over three decades ago, it soon became clear that this innovation would change the way people maintain their pools forever. Pool owners in the most demanding climates all over the world have relied on Zodiac's Clearwater Technology for more than 30 years and have made it what it is today, the world-wide leader in salt water chlorination.

Superior Design

Over the years, Zodiac has perfected the technology and design of its chlorinators and is now proud to present the most advanced model yet - the Zodiac LM3 Salt Water Chlorinator. The Zodiac LM3's design was born out of the quest to engineer a salt water chlorinator that exceeds pool owner's expectations in terms of functionality, reliability and durability.

The Best Water Quality

The Zodiac LM3 lets you turn your pool water into a mild saline solution that feels beautifully soft and silky on your skin. When the ions in the salt are passed over specially coated plates and induced with a low voltage electrical charge they are converted into very precise amounts of pure chlorine. The best part is that the salt is at a much lower level than is found naturally in a human tear drop. As a result, your pool water will be silky smooth and very mild on your skin without you ever having to worry about manually adding chlorine to the water. The water is also more comfortable and easier on your skin and eyes.

Never buy chlorine again

With the Zodiac LM3 you'll save time and money and avoid the hazards of storing and transporting chemicals. 100% pure, trouble-free chlorine is produced naturally and automatically. In order to turn your pool water into a mild saline solution, you usually have to add salt to the water just once. Occasionally, a small maintenance dose may be required, but the salt ions don't wear out or evaporate over time, they're just used over and over again. Imagine enjoying a season of swimming pleasure without adding chlorine. In addition to chlorine, small amounts of ozone are also produced which further add to the sparkle and crystal clear freshness of your pool water.

Easy Operation

The Zodiac LM3 Salt Water Chlorinator was designed to make pool sanitation as easy as possible. Not only will a Zodiac LM3 chlorinate your pool automatically, but its day-to-day operation can be summed up in one sentence: Set it and forget it. The LM3 will reduce the need to add chemicals and decrease spikes in your chlorine readings at the touch of a button, while you can relax and enjoy the crystal clear water. For added convenience, the Zodiac LM3 is also able to communicate with various types of Pool Automation Controls. The Zodiac LM3 Salt Water Chlorinator incorporates a unique Super Chlorination feature which can be activated with one touch. This is a fast and convenient method to automatically boost chlorine levels to compensate for heavy bather load, increases in temperature, or heavy rains. The chlorine production can be monitored through the LM3's unique power bubble.

Easy Maintenance

The Zodiac LM3's self-cleaning, reverse polarity electrodes virtually eliminate calcium build-up and thereby minimize the need for manual cleaning. Your Zodiac LM3 also features the clear Power Bubble that allows for visual inspection of the electrode. If manual cleaning of the electrode should become necessary it can easily be removed from the cell housing within seconds.

The Zodiac LM3 Salt Water Chlorinator - World Leadership by Design

The Zodiac LM3 Salt Water Chlorinator will give you mesmerizing water that's so clean and crystal clear, you'll have the most inviting pool in the neighborhood. If you want to end the hassles of lugging and storing chlorine and spend more time enjoying your pool than maintaining it, contact you pool builder, retailer or service company today and tell them you want the world's leading salt water chlorinator.

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