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Keeping your above ground and in-ground swimming pool clean, clear, and running smoothly during the fall and winter seasons is essential to its health and ensures your enjoyment for years to come. There are many advantages to investing in a high-quality winter pool cover, such as protecting from dirt and debris, meaning less work when you open your pool in the spring. Covering your pool will also block sunlight and curb algae growth. Finally, properly covering your pool will provide the additional safety benefit of preventing any unplanned entry by children or pets.
Protect your swimming pool during this winter season with a premium above ground winter pool cover. The covers are built to last and are designed to handle the harsh winter months. Each winter pool cover uses tightly-woven, high-quality, polyethylene mesh material to prevent leaves, dirt and debris from entering your pool while blocking algae growth. Made specifically for oval and round style pools with a 4’ overlap of extra material, these covers come with 8, 12, and 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The strength and durability of these winter pool covers effectively reduce stretching and ripping caused by normal wear and tear. Handy wall bags are available (sold separately) that you can use to help secure your winter pool cover during times of high winds or turbulent weather. Avoid the hassle of having to clean your pool this upcoming spring by allowing PoolSupplyWorld provide you with a great selection of top-quality winter pool covers to pick and choose from.
If you dread cleaning leaves, dirt, and debris from your swimming pool each time spring comes around, you should consider investing in a winter pool cover for your in-ground pool. Winter pool covers make spring clean-up a breeze because each cover is constructed of high-quality, durable polyethylene mesh material designed to stand up to winter’s worst. Besides shielding your pool from the elements, its tightly woven fabric does not allow sunlight to pass through effectively preventing algae growth. These covers are made specifically for rectangular pools.

The in-ground winter pool covers come with a 5’ overlap of extra material and rugged poly loops every four feet around the exterior of the cover to hold water bags designed to keep your pool cover firmly in place. The best part about these winter pool covers is that they are built to last season after season and they are available with an 8, 12, or 15-year warranty. Let PoolSupplyWorld protect your pool this winter season with our great selection of winter pool covers to best fit your specific needs –you will be glad you did.
Additional Information

Winter Pool Covers:
We offer a wide variety of the best Winter Covers available for both above ground and in-ground swimming pools. Browse through our selection and find the cover that is perfect for you.


  • Quality Construction – A great value!
  • No more algae growth
  • Strong, long-lasting woven strands in the material
  • 3’ to 5’ of overlapped material for better coverage and wear
  • Available 8-Yr, 10-Yr, 15-Yr, and 20-Yr warranties

Mesh Safety Covers:
Mesh pool safety covers are made from a lightweight yet strong weave of materials. Tightness of weave and therefore strength of the cover varies between manufacturers and styles. Since the material is porous it allows rain and melting snow to drain into the pool.


  • Material is strong but also lightweight; this makes installation and removal easy
  • Because water can pass through the material the cover is not weighed down by snow and standing water. This also prevents puddling on the cover which can be a danger to children and pets
  • The mesh keeps most debris out of the pool. When you open your pool the following season the water should be mostly clean with only the finest of particles in the water, easily vacuumed up
  • Because water passes through the cover it dries quickly, allowing leaves and debris to blow away
  • Since water seeps through the pool, the next spring you should not have to add much water to bring the pool back to proper water level
  • Sunlight will penetrate the cover lowering the chlorine level in your pool

Solid Safety Covers:
Solid Pool Safety Covers form a completely solid barrier between the pool surface and the environment. Since nothing penetrates the cover, the water is generally the same quality as you left it the previous season. Solid covers also require a cover pump to drain standing water from the pool cover. Solid covers are usually made of high-quality vinyl or similar materials.


  • Solid covers are practically airtight and do not allow water, sunlight, or debris to enter the pool
  • Algae and other organisms cannot grow in the pool as they do not have access to sunlight
  • Because nothing can get into the pool, opening the pool the next season will require less work and fewer chemicals