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Leisure Time LES-45125 Complete Spa Care Kit - Free Sanitizing System Reference Guide

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Use the Complete Spa Care Kit by Leisure Time to keep your spa or hot tub clear, clean, and fresh.

Pool Chemical Features:

  • 8oz Free Sanitizer
  • 16oz Boost Shock
  • 8oz Control
  • 8oz Bright and Clear Clarifier
  • 8oz Defender
  • 8oz Foam Down
  • 8oz Fast Gloss Polisher
  • 8oz Enzyme
  • 2oz Spa Up pH Increaser
  • 2oz Spa Down pH Decreaser
  • 25 Test Strips (Free, Alkalinity pH, and Calcium Hardness levels)
  • Sample Size EsScents Fragrance
  • Measuring Scoop
  • Free Sanitizing System Spa Care Reference Guide


Maintain clear and sparkling water without the need for harsher chemicals when you use the Leisure Time Complete Spa Care Kit! This kit will help you achieve softer and silkier water. This kit includes Free Sanitizer, Boos Shock/Oxidizer, Control to prevent water line build up, Bright and Clear Clarifier, Defender to prevent scale, Foam Down Suppressant, Fast Gloss Polisher and Cleaner, Enzyme to remove organic wastes, Spa Up to increase pH, Spa Down to decrease pH, 25 Test Strips, EsScents fragrance, a measuring scoop, and a FREE sanitizing system spa care reference guide.