Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Suction Side Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner
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Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Suction Side Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

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Short Description

Dirt cannot escape the jaws of the Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Above Ground pool cleaner.

Pool Cleaner Features:

  • Incorporates patented bristle drive and oscillating vortex, which scrubs and vacuums
  • Efficient operation at only 15 GPM and has sound-dampening oscillator bumpers
  • The Lil Shark is ready for action straight from the box. Set-up is simple – in just a few minutes he's ready to hit the water.
  • Dual band of bristles knock debris loose, while the powerful vacuum action whisks away the dirt.
  • Nothing gets by this guy. He's designed to be continuously on the move, covering your entire pool in search of his next meal.
  • Lil Sharks circular cleaning path can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of pool shapes to ensure complete cleaning coverage.


Dirt can't escape the jaws of the Kreepy Krauly 'Lil Shark aboveground pool cleaner. This hungry guy will take over maintenance chores, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool. The 'Lil Shark will be on the prowl searching out large and small debris. Unlike other cleaners, this guy scrubs and vacuums. The unique vortex chamber design has only one moving part, ensuring superior performance and years of reliable service. Effectively cleans vinyl surfaces in flat or dish-bottom aboveground pools. All cleaners come equipped with everything your customers will need for a spotlessly clean swimming pool. The 'Lil Shark is certainly the "big fish" in the underwater world of aboveground pool cleaners. With its two-way cleaning action, this voracious predator is fast and effective at removing the toughest grime. His appetite is truly awesome.


Doubles up on dirt

Doubles up on dirt

Two rings of sturdy nylon bristles relentlessly scrub away at those tough spots other cleaners leave behind.
Ready for action

Ready for action

The Lil Shark comes fully equipped for immediate use. Also includes the exclusive UniDapt telepole adapter for spot clean-ups.
Fast, easy set-up

Fast, easy set-up

Simply remove the Lil Shark from the box, attach the hose, place him in the water and you are ready to relax.
Built for a long life

Built for a long life

The unique vortex chamber features a single moving part, which ensures the Lil Shark will be cleaning your pool for years to come.