Flippin' Frog SIX MONTH SUPPLY Package
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King Technology SIX MONTH SUPPLY Flippin' Frog Package

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Short Description

King Technology's SIX MONTH SUPPLY Flippin' Frog Package includes everything you need for a full six months of sanitization!

Alternative Sanitizer Features:

  • Mineral and chlorine sanitizer for soft-sided pools
  • Suitable for soft-sided pools between 2,000 and 5,000 gallons (12' to 18')
  • Kills bacteria with minerals and low levels of chlorine
  • Minerals last 6 months and chlorine lasts 2-4 weeks
  • Completely flips over when chlorine cartridge is empty
  • Benefits of up to 50% less chlorine and less work
  • Prevents smelly odors and bleached suits
  • First four chlorine cartridges are included, replacements sold separately (Part #: 01-03-8350)
  • This package includes: One Mineral and Chlorine Sanitizer and Three Replacement Chlorine Cartridges


This SIX MONTH SUPPLY Flippin' Frog Package includes three replacement chlorine cartridges to give you a full six months of sanitization. This alternative sanitizer is suitabel for soft-sided pools between 2,000 and 5,000 gallons and brings you fresher, cleaner pool water. The sanitizer cartridge kills harmful bacteria with half the chlorine use of normal sanitizer!

As the Flippin' Frog floats around your swimming pool it dispenses chlorine. Once the chlorine cartridge is empty, it flips over and starts dispensing from the mineral cartridge. Each chlorine cartridge lasts about two to four weeks and each mineral cartridge lasts about six months. When the cartridge flips over, it's time to replace your chlorine cartridge. Use this SIX MONTH SUPPLY Flippin' Frog package to keep your pool clear and sanitized!


Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Simply place the Flippin' Frog cartridge in your pool and let it go to work. Once the sanitizer flips over, easily replace the chlorine cartridge by click-twisting the top off and twisting the new cartridge back on.
Long Lasting

Long Lasting

With the mineral cartridge lasting up to six months and the chlorine cartridge lasting two to four weeks, the minerals reduce your use of chlorine by up to 50%.
Replacement Chlorine Cartridge

Replacement Chlorine Cartridge

When the chlorine cartridge is empty, the Flippin' Frog flips over so that the mineral cartridge can start and you can replace your chlorine cartridge. The chlorine cartridges last between 2-4 weeks.