Olympic Creekstone Patio Tones Gallon
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Kelley Technical Coatings 466GL Olympic Creekstone Patio Tones Gallon

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PATIO TONES will greatly enhance the beauty of any concrete patio or pool deck.


PATIO TONES makes this paint that will greatly enhance the beauty of any concrete patio or pool deck. Plain or worn concrete gives a dull and uninteresting appearance, detracting from the ambiance of the area. PATIO TONES adds life as well as protection. PATIO TONES is also excellent for the restoration of sprayed and patterned concrete surfacing systems. Simply make any necessary repairs, clean the deck according to label instructions, and roll on PATIO TONES. The acrylic formula lets you prepare and coat in one day. The result will be a surface that is safe, beautiful and protected. Coverage: 90 - 125 square feet per gallon depending on surface porosity. Two coats required on initial application. Application is as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3! in one day!

Old decks will look new again with Patio Tones All concrete surfaces should be cleaned according to the following three step cleaning process. Step 1: Scrub area with a solution of No. 910 WASHING COMPOUND (tri-sodium phosphate) and water to remove any oil film. Step 2: Scrub the deck with a 10% solution of muriatic acid to remove mineral deposits and open pores for penetration of PATIO TONES. Neutralize any remaining traces of acid by repeating step one. Step 3: PATIO TONES can now be applied directly to a wet surface. However, any puddles should be dissipated. Roll on PATIO TONES using a medium nap roller equipped with an extension handle. Allow first coat to dry four hours (average) before second coat is applied. PATIO TONES cures overnight. You can enjoy your new surface the next day! For heavy traffic, Patio Tones may need a full 24 hour cure.