Jandy K2100CKA Levolor 110/220V Low Lev with Sensor 50' and 1in. Valve

Jandy Levolor K-2100CKA System
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About the Jandy K2100CKA
With models for pool, spa, dual equipment, fountains and Vanishing Edge catch basins, we have an ideal water leveling solution for your unique design.

Water Leveler Features:

  • The Pool water level is controlled automatically with +/ - 1/8" (12mm) of normal water level. The High Level is monitored 3" lower to within +/ - 1/8".
  • Water level control system includes a fill sensor and a Low Water level sensor with wire attached, a control panel, and a solenoid valve.
  • Sensor Static pipe should be installed according to the drawings, with 2" PVC with no reductions.
  • Fill sensor should be mounted at water level, inside the static pipe located according to the drawings.
  • Units with floats or moving parts will not be considered as equal and shall be rejected.
  • Sensor should be connected to the control panel with a maximum of 200' of wire provided as part of the system. Sensor wire comes in 50 ft increments with a maximum of 200'.
  • Control panel displays indicating Power, Sensor active, Filling active Low Water Sensor active and Low Water Cut-Off.
  • System has adjustable feed alarm suitable for the application as determined by the drawings.
  • System has a time delay between sensing and filling before initializing the Solenoid Valve.
  • System is shipped with 220VAC 50/60Hz, field adjusted for 110VAC and is hard wired into a panel for permanent installation.
  • Solenoid valve offered in brass or fiberglass and sized according to the drawings and normally closed, 24VAC and 0.6amps at a peak, as supplied with the level control system.
  • The Relay supplied by the Electrical Contractor must be normally open and have a contact rating suitable for operating the pump in the ‚ÄúSystem" and should be 24VDC for coil operation with 0.6amps at peak.

More Information

The Levolor K-2100 includes a sensor with wire with three probes, controller, a solenoid valve and a normally closed relay suitable for operating the pump and/or underwater lights. The system contains non-corrosive components, NEMA 4 enclosure, all suitable for use in a pool and mechanical room environment. The system provides control and adjustability for filling and monitoring a Low Water set point to remove power from a pump, valve or underwater lights.

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