J&J Electronics LPL-P1-RGB-120 ColorSplash 3G LED 120V Color-Changing Replacement Pool Light Bulb

J&J ColorSplash 3G Pool Light
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About the J&J Electronics LPL-P1-RGB-120
The J&J ColorSplash 3G Replacement 120V Color-Changing LED Pool Light optimizes color and light intensity for an unrivaled replacement pool light.

More Information

The J&J ColorSplash Pool Light is a 3G replacement color-changing LED light that brings intense colors to your swimming pool. Complete with an integrated cooling system, these lights have an enhanced lifespan and advanced processor for high speed performance and flawless color transitions. Offering seven different colors, multi-color blends, and five light shows to give your pool a variety of aesthetic experience.

J&J's ColorSplash Replacement Pool Light's features Parisian Blue, Brazilian Red, Tahitian Blue, Miami Pink, Tuscan Orange, Arctic White, and New Zealand Green colors. Each light has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. You can easily replace Hayward or Pentair Lights that feature Edison bases with the J&J ColorSplash Light.

Use the J&J Color Splash 3G Replacement LED Color-Changing Pool Light in your swimming pool and bring some color and fun to your water.

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Paul said:
Location: Lewes, De
Very cool!
9 months ago
I just put this in two days ago so I can't speak about longevity. Otherwise this installed easy and makes a huge difference on how the pool looks. Like some have said, it's darker than the 500w standard light, but I would expect that from an led. My pool is 16 x 36 and the color stays in the deep end until it's dark out. I do believe you should follow their instructions for installation since it's more than a light bulb. It's a piece of electronics. Even though my pool is brand new I replaced .. more
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Gene said:
Location: New Jersey
Changing colors
10 months ago
How do you change/set the colors on the led replacement bulbs?
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J said:
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Short life
11 months ago
First, let me say, the color changing ability is great, though I found I generally chose a pleasing color and left it that way. Other than the slow color fade, the other pre programmed light shows are pretty obnoxious. For me, a nice pale blue seemed to look best - green made the pool water look like it was full of algae, and red looked like something out of Jaws. A few of the colors in between the primaries were good as well. The full white did seem brighter than the standard filament replacement .. more
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Tony K. said:
Location: Ft Worth
*WARNING* not water resistant AT ALL!!
11 months ago
As another reviewer commented, this light is gone when only a couple ounces of water leaked into the light enclosure. Water never reached the socket, so the standard bulb would not have fried. Unless you are very confident that you can maintain the seal, save your money. I also had a very expensive lesson. Can't return this POS now.
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darren said:
Location: Dallas
bad light system
1 year ago
The light was good for two weeks. then the patterns started to lock up. when i went to take the light out to return product, it got water in the light. Now, i voided warranty and cant get a refund. The pool light housing is not sufficient enough to guarantee a seal and that moisture and water is going to stay out. it would be nice to have a led light system that is already sealed from the factory. that way, all you have to do is install it. Costly lesson.
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