Founded in 1941, Hydroseal was the first manufacturer to specialize in O-rings and is still their primary product. Their 154,000 square foot facility is one of the largest O-ring plants in the world. They make custom molded rubber products, including rubber-to-metal bonded parts, and we import and resell molded rubber seals. Hydroseal’s standard products are available throughout the United States from more than 70 distributors. They are an industry leader in the development of proprietary rubber compounds and bonding techniques. Their seals are available in 340 compounds, more than 25% of which were since 2005. To maintain that quality, they make their own molds using CAD/CAM equipment, mix their own rubber, and mold their parts in computer-controlled presses. Hydroseal’s mission is simple: to improve their products and services continually to meet or exceed their customers' sealing needs.