Gladon PPB4000-2141K 21' x 41' Oval Perfect Pool Bottom Kit

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Perfect Pool Bottom Kit
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About the Gladon PPB4000-2141K
The Gladon Perfect Bottom Kit combines two great product into an affordable package to extend the life of your above ground pool liner.

Above Ground Pool Accessory Features:

  • Includes Perfect Pool Bottom Liner and Pool Cove
  • Prevents pool liner punctures
  • Pre-cut overlapping 5 foot wide liner sections
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • No taping or measuring required
  • Reduces vinyl staining
  • Need for sand is reduced or eliminated for cove construction
  • Prevents corrosion of metal components from moisture
  • Recommended when assembling new above ground swimming pools


PreCut to Fit


Get everything you need to complete your entire above ground pool floor construction in one affordable kit. Pre-cut overlapping 5' wide liner sections and Pool Cove pre-formed pieces make setting up easy.
Pool Cover Liner Protection

Liner Protection

The Perfect Pool Bottom effectively protects your liner from normal wear and tear and can prevent punctures from elements such as pebbles, glass, and nut grasses.
Pool Cover Icon

Edge Protection

The Pool Cove prevents the liner from running against the pool wall, causing metal parts to corrode. It also provides a smooth slope for trouble-free pool cleaning.

More Information

The Gladon Perfect Bottom Kit combines two great products, the Perfect Pool Bottom and a Pool Cove, into an affordable package designed to protect your investment and extend the life of your above ground pool liner. Perfect Pool Bottom protects your pool liner from rocks, glass, nut grasses and other substances that will puncture your liner, even if you've carefully prepared the ground before assembling your pool. The Perfect Pool Bottom is easily installed before the liner is laid in your newly constructed pool. Perfect Pool Bottom is made of synthetic material that won't compress when bathers stand on it, providing greater comfort and greatly extending the life of the liner.

Each Gladon Perfect Bottom Kit includes a pool cove. Pool coves are tapered pieces of dense foam that fit in the intersection of the bottom and wall of your above ground pool. Pool Coves lengthen the life of the liner because they allow the liner to rest against the gradual slope of the cove instead of being wedged into the crease of the pool. The gradual slope created by the pool cove prevents the growth of algae and makes cleaning easier. Simply install the pool cove before installing the Perfect Pool Bottom Liner.

Gladon PPB4000-2141K Specifications


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