IN.XE Spa Controller System
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Gecko BDLXE07 IN.XE Spa Controller System


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Gecko IN.XE Spa Controller System

Spa Part Features:

  • in.put - New Input Terminal Bloc - In.xe's cable bay was designed to ease wire insertion. Its terminal bloc has more room to insert wires. Tighter input connection reduces heat generated for increased component lifetime.
  • in.axess - Board Access Prevention - Electronic components are placed into separate and inaccessible compartments. Only serviceable parts are made accessible to service technicians.
  • in.seal - Watertight Protection - In.seal provides extra level of protection against water infiltration. Connectors and power box are designed to be watertight and no water can be in direct contact with electrical components.
  • - Output & Input Plugs and Connectors
  • in.flo - Solid State Monitoring - A new heater safety system with 3 levels of protection: an all electronic dry-fire protection, a detection circuit for hi-limit protection and a circuit dedicated to limit maximum regulation.
  • in.kin - Kinetic Heat Monitoring - In.xe design includes kinetic heat monitoring through in.kin, a contactor that protects spas and spa users against water overheat. In.kin is the industry's first and only true kinetic heat protection. It monitors all pump outputs, not just the heating pump.
  • in.t.cip - Water Temperature Algorithm - In.t.cip is an intelligent water temp. refresh algorithm that calculates optimal time to start pumps and get water temp. readings. In.t.cip continuously readjusts heater start time (taking external temperature into account).
  • in.stik - Spa System Configurator - In.stik is one of in.xe's coolest features, a pen drive like spa system configurator merged with an connector. In.stik connects to in.xe and contains software to program or configure its system. In.xe executes the data upload and update automatically.


This IN.XE spa controller system by Aeware manages one pump with 1 or 2 speeds, another pump with 1 speed, a blower, ozonator, direct connection, (the output voltage is decided by the IN.LINK cable used) 4.0 kW heater, connector IN.LINK, works with keypads IN.K200,,, IN.K450, IN.K600 static, includes IN.XE techbook.