Game 4821 ePOOL Water Chemistry Monitoring System

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Game ePOOL Water Chemistry Monitoring System 4821
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About the Game 4821
The GAME ePool Water Monitor is an expertly designed system that regulates chemical levels in swimming pools.

Pool Maintenance Features:

  • Monitors chemical levels
  • Communicates with receiver
  • Hooks up to PC and Mac computers
  • Programmed for e-mails and texts

More Information

The GAME ePool Water Monitor is an expertly designed system that regulates chemical levels in swimming pools. The ePool Monitor is engineered to communicate wirelessly with any home computer, sending information to a receiver connected to a computer’s USB. It's sensor floats across pool surfaces and analyses chemical levels, alerting pool owners when levels become too low. A series of treatments are transmitted via the receiver for owners to easily follow. The ePool Water Monitor continuously regulates pH levels, chlorine, and water temperature and is fully compatible with PCs and Mac computers. Even more, the ePool Water Monitor can be programmed to send both emails and text messages depending on preference. Includes monitor and receiver.

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Doreen said:
Location: Las Vegas, NV
ePool Water Monitoring system
1 year ago
I purchased my ePool almost 2 years ago, and I love it. Mine came with its own separate monitor screen/receiver, so I did not have to download anything. When I did have a problem(after 1-1/2 years), I found the company to be EXTREMELY helpful, and prompt, in their fact, it was the best experience I have ever had with any company dealing with a product problem...and my ePool is again working great.
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Felix B. said:
Location: Monrovia, CA
Doesn't work as described
1 year ago
When I received the product, the little cap protecting the sensor and keeping it moist sat crooked and the sensor was mostly dry. Software is not included in the box but can only be downloaded after registering with the manufacturer. Even though there is a MacOS software, the install fails. The manufacturers tech support does not work in the evenings or weekends (and never got back to me when I sent an email). Took me several hours to find more recent drivers and get things installed. Once installed, .. more
+4 | -0
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PoolSupplyWorld said:
1 year ago
I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with the product! I did check on our internal systems, and it looks like we received your return and have started the refund process. I'm also having one of our staff call you tomorrow to insure that your refund processes swiftly and smoothly.

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