Game 4513 SolarPRO II Above Ground Solar Pool Heater

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Game SolarPRO II Solar Pool Heater 4513
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About the Game 4513
The SolarPRO II Above-Ground Solar Pool Heater features the latest in innovative design.

Solar Heating Features:

  • Includes two sections of 1-1/4" ribbed hoses and stainless steel clamps
  • Includes protective cover
  • Dimensions: 32-1/2" L x 32-1/2" W x 20" H

More Information

The SolarPRO II Above-Ground Solar Pool Heater features the latest in innovative design. Its compact size eliminates the need for space-consuming solar panels, and its unique dome-shaped construction enhances heat transfer through its main base. The SolarPRO II is crafted for durability and longevity with stainless steel clamps and a protective cover that reduces wear and tear. It uses two sections of 1-1/4" ribbed hoses for installation, and does not require any electrical or gas connections.

Measuring 32-1/2" (l) x 32-1/2" (w) x 20" (h), it includes two 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" hose reducers, a collared tube adapter with o-ring, two hose clamps, a long filter hose and a clear dome with cloth cover, for protection.

Please Note: A Bypass Kit (4555) is required for pools using pumps larger than 1HP and/or when using multiple SolarPro II units. The Bypass Kit helps keep water flow at its optimum level, giving you the ability to divert water from the Solar PRO heater for sufficient water pressure.

Game 4513 Specifications

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John P said:
Location: Saugatuck, MI
Love it!!
8 months ago
I have mine in a sunny location and in 2 days it raised the water temp from 72 to 80. These have to be in the full sun to work. The tubing I use is the hose you use to clean the pool. Just by 2, 40 foot hoses and you are good to go.
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John S. said:
Location: romeoville il
look up my video on youtube all the info you need about these
1 year ago I have 4 and they do nothing. The problem is that they just don't have enough surface area to generate heat.
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Mary said:
2 years ago
I agree with Gary. These are a waste of money! In addition, if you have to run extra tubing to get it to a "sunny" location, you will lose suction from your pump. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!
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gary g. said:
2 years ago
I bought one of thes last year and am totally not happy with it. I live in central valley of California and in the summer we have very few cloudy days. average daytime temp is high 90's to low 100's. this sits in brite sunshine all day and does not raise my pool temp at all. I tried setting it at different angles and again, nothing. you get warm water when the pump first comes on for about 30 seconds and then it goes back to cold. last summer with this so-called heater in line my pool temp would .. more
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