Flexible Solutions HS115 HeatSavr Pump Automatic Metering System

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HeatSavr Metering System
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About the Flexible Solutions HS115
The HS115 is an Automatic Metering System for the application of Heatsavr, the original liquid solar pool cover.

Pool Cover Accessory Features:

  • Program up to 24 events
  • Operates on a seven day clock
  • Plumbed into the main return line
  • Plugs into a 110V AC socket
  • 115 VAC/ 230 VAC dimensions: 5.6 inches x 4.6 inches x 4.8 inches
  • 100 RPM, 3 oz per minute

More Information

The HeatSavr Pump Automatic Metering System is a time-activated, water resistant peristaltic pump for HeatSavr, the commercial application liquid solar pool cover from Flexible Solutions. This automatic metering system can support the programming of 24 events with variable run times. The meter operates on a seven day clock in which events can be programmed to occur either every day or on specific days. A back-up battery keeps the clock running in the event of an interruption in electrical power. The Automatic Metering System is available for use with 115VAC/230VAC.

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