Filter Flosser 60-1000 Pool and Spa Filter Cartridge Cleaning Tool

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Filter Flosser
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About the Filter Flosser 60-1000
The Filter Flosser provides a powerful, evenly dispersed spray that gets in between the pleats of your cartridge filter acting like water pick.

Filter Cartridge Cleaner Features:

  • 50% Less Time
  • 50% Less Labor
  • 50% Less Water


Horizontal Stream

Horizontal Stream

The Horizontal stream feature uniformly separates the pleats of the filter to evenly wash away dirt deposits and debris caught deep inside the filter.
Vertical Stream

Vertical Stream

The Vertical stream feature acts as a waterpik for high-pressure cleaning between pleats, removing small particles of dirt and debris to extend the life of your filter.
Converged Stream

Converged Stream

The Converged stream feature provides the most concentrated pressure cleaning for removing tough dirt and small debris particles from your filter cartridge.

More Information

The Filter Flosser preserves your cartridge filter's life by easily removing dirt deposits and debris from filter pleats in half the time of other cleaning methods. The Filter Flosser generates water and air agitation to remove dirt build-up and debris deep in the cartridge. This cleaner attaches to your garden hose and has a lever to control water flow and direction, giving you the ability to change the water stream in three directions for highly effective cleaning.

Filter Flosser 60-1000 Specifications

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Mina said:
Location: Frisco, Texas
Great cleaning tool!
6 months ago
Though I had ordered this tool earlier this summer, I had not used it until this week. Prior to purchasing it, I had been using a long plastic stick wand with nozzle on it that I had purchased from Leslie's several years ago. The tool from Leslie's had developed cracks and leaks pretty quickly and too much water was wasted in trying to get the filter cartridges clean. I was pleasantly surprised at how good a job this filter flosser did on cleaning our cartridges. With Leslie's tool it used to .. more
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Theodore said:
Location: Cupertino, California
Filter Flosser
8 months ago
The small discharge holes reduce the water pressure to a level that the tool is effective only for cleaning off very light (slit like) materials and only at the very periphery of the filter pleats. Although it definitely is a water saver, much better cleaning can be achieved by using a multi spray pattern hose nozzle on the flat setting. As one reviewer mentioned that he was able to achieve better performance by increasing the size of the discharge holes, I plan to do the same. Didn't they test .. more
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David said:
Location: West Palm Beach Florida
11 months ago
Disappointed. Only moderate cleaning power. Lots of backsplash due to how close you have to hold it. My single nozzle jet sprayer much more effective.
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Dominick said:
Location: Tucson, AZ
Great Little Tool!
11 months ago
I've been cleaning my cartridge filters with a water hose and a nozzle but that used lots of water. This tool is a great little device, however, I found the holes were a little small so I drilled them out one size larger. I imagine if you have low water pressure the original holes will do well but the larger ones get the job done faster and it saves water! You just run it up and down the filter and the dirt and debris is washed away quickly. Wash the filters standing up so the dirt is washed down .. more
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