Fiberstars Fuse 2.5 AMP Main Power 1500/2004
This product has been discontinued

Fiberstars LSML Light Streams Mini Laminar


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Short Description

Fiberstars Light Streams Mini Laminars add a distinct element of elegance to any swimming pool.

Pool Light Features:

  • Includes Deck Box and LED Light Driver
  • Designed for water flows 3' in height and 5' in distance
  • Works with all Fiberstars illuminators
  • Comes with 20' or 40' of 50-strand fiber pre-attached and deck box
  • Dimensions of deck box: 12" h x 8" w
  • Available in a complete kit (3 laminars and illuminator)


Light Streams is a new and innovative product line of L.E.D. lit water features. These elegant water features are internally lit and can be used in a variety of applications. Use them individually or in combinations. Add a special touch of class to your backyard with Light Streams. These exquisite water features are cost effective, versatile and perfect for any pool. Add one of these elegant water features to your backyard today! Light Streams can make the difference!

Fiberstars Light Streams offers a variety of lighted water features such as Mini and Large Laminars, Rain Waterfalls, Pots, Rock waterfalls and Dual Bubblers. These water features can be used for a variety of pool applications and will add charm to your backyard.

Light Streams is a total new and innovative light water feature product line, combining the very best of two technologies - LED's & Fiber. Light Streams allows lighted water features to be installed individually wherever you want, all without the need for a fiber optic illuminator. All you need is a 12VAC power supply.

Light Streams Mini Laminars add a distinct element of elegance to any pool. These brilliant white light fountains are an excellent accessory to add a sparkle to your backyard. Designed for water flows up to 3' up and 5' out.