Fiberstars 36 in. Rain Waterfall
Fiberstars 36 in. Rain Waterfall Fiberstars 36 in. Rain Waterfall Fiberstars 36 in. Rain Waterfall
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Fiberstars LRWF36-45 36in. Rain Waterfall with 45' of 75 Strand Fiber

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Short Description

Fiberstars Lighted Rain Waterfall adds dramatic nighttime excitement that is breathtaking.

Pool Light Features:

  • 5 different sizes (12", 18", 24", 36", and 48")
  • Least amount of fiber needed
  • Comes with 45' of fiber pre-attached
  • Easy conversion to 6', 7' and 8' sizes
  • Fiber easily replaceable
  • Paintable and bright


These unique Lighted Rain Water Falls come complete with fiber pre-attached. Fiberstars Lighted Rain Waterfall adds dramatic nighttime excitement that is breathtaking.

Our Lighted Rain Waterfall requires the least amount of fiber for the maximum amount of light output. Each one comes with 45' of pre-attached fiber and is paintable. You can easily combine the waterfalls for 6', 7' and 8' sizes. 5-8 GPM per foot.

Fiberstars Lighted Rain Waterfalls are designed to provide single rows of water and project them away from the falls lip at a 45 degree angle. The rows of water simulate the sound and effect of rain falling into the pool creating a unique and pleasant sound for you. The minimum water flow is between 5 and 8 GPM (gallons per minute). Keep in mind that as you increase the GPM flow rate, the further out the "rain" fall will extend from the wall of the pool. The Fiberstars Lighted Rain Waterfall must be installed with lip of the fall extending a minimum of 2' from the wall. Notch the beam for inclusion of the fiber and water connections. These rainfalls come in straight, non-radius designs only. You may use multiple 18' Lighted Rain Waterfalls to do radius applications.

The Fiberstars Lighted Rain Waterfalls water supply line should be 1--1/2" PVC SCH 40 pipe. A 3 way valve should be installed at the equipment pad to regulate the water flow to achieve the minimum specified flow rate. A rock trap is included with this fall and should be installed in a horizontal position with the debris trap pointing down. Place the rock trap as close to the fall as possible. Most important, MAKE SURE THAT THE ROCK TRAP IS INSTALLED WITH THE FLOW ARROW POINTING TOWARDS THE FIBERSTARS LIGHTED RAINFALL.

A 1' conduit is required for the fiber optic cable which should be run from the fall to the illuminator location. Install the fiber optic cable into the illuminator per the directions included with the illuminator. Use only sweep elbows or heat-bent PVC to maintain a 2' radius on all conduit connections.

After the pool is complete and filled with water, the Fiberstars Lighted Rain Waterfall is ready to be used. Make sure the openings are clear of debris before turning on the water supply pump. Slowly open the 3 way valve until the air is purged and water begins to flow from the fall. Adjust flow to achieve your desired effect.

NOTE: If using multiple units, it is very important that all fiber lengths are the same. Example: If you have 1 unit at 20' and another at 40', both should have 40' of fiber. This will balance the light output to both units. Do not remove excess fiber lengths.