ONEshock Sanitizer / Shock 1 lb (68 - 1/4 oz doses)(ECO-8044)
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Eco One ECO-8044 ONEshock Sanitizer / Shock 1 lb (68 - 1/4 oz doses)

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Short Description

ONEshock is pre-measured and self-dissolving. Simply throw the packet into your spa and experience the results of natural sanitiation.

Spa Chemical Features:

  • Automatically dissolves
  • Made in the USA
  • First pre-measured, self dissolving sanitizer in the world
  • Works quickly
  • Restores water quality


Eco One has made sanitization as easy as possible with ONEshock. It is the first of its kind, a pre-measured, self-dissolving packet used to sanitize spas. No more calculating the amount required, and no more fumes.

Containing a total of 68 doses, ONEshock should be used after each spa session, or as needed to maintain water clarity. As it is a natural product, and will not harm you or your spa equipment, you can not overdose. Each packet can treat up to 250 gallons, and acts fast to break down and extinguish pollutants and contaminants.

ONEshock sanitizes, kills bacteria, and disinfects your spa water. Leaving it softer, safer, and more gentle on the skin.


Sparkling Water

EcoOne naturally eliminates bacteria. Softening your water and contributing to the sparkling clarity of your spa.


Using only natural ingredients, EcoOne provides simple, non-toxic sanitization for your spa. Greatly reducing the amount of harsh chemicals needed for proper balance.

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