Three Month Complete Spa Water Treatment Sanitization Kit(ECO-8036)
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Eco One ECO-8036 Three Month Complete Spa Water Treatment Sanitization Kit

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Short Description

This spa kit comes with 3 - 8 oz. bottles of SPA Monthly, 1 - 8 oz. bottle of FILTER Cleanser, 1 - 1 lb. bottle of ONEshock, and 10 Test Strips.

Spa Chemical Features:

  • Environmentally friendly, natural minerals and enzymes
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-Toxic
  • Not tested on animals
  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable packaging


Eco-One has introduced a sanitization kit to maintain your spa water clarity for three months, using natural minerals and ingredients.

Eco-One will disinfect, kill bacteria, eliminate eye/skin irritation, reduce foam and scum lines, and get rid of the chlorine smell from your spa. Sanitizing more gently than traditional chlorine or bromine, and using these 3 products, your spa can have softer water with a more easily stabilized pH and Alkalinity level. 1 lb of ONEshock includes approximately 68 doses and is to be used after each spa session, or as needed. Larger spas or higher bather loads may need additional shock. The 8 oz. FILTER Cleanser is good for about 15 filter cleanings, and is to be used weekly. Add one of the three included bottles of SPA monthly once per month, and your spa water will be cleaner and safer.

When most companies suggest using several products to maintain your spa chemistry, Eco-One has made it simple. Using these products can put you on your way to a pure and healthy spa experience..



Using only natural ingredients, EcoOne provides a simple, non-toxic sanitization system for your spa. Greatly reducing the amount of harsh chemicals needed for proper balance.

Sparkling Water

EcoOne naturally eradicates the scum line, chlorine odor, and foam. Softening your water and contributing to the sparkling clarity of your spa.