SPA Monthly Maintenance Clarifier 8 oz(ECO-8020)
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Eco One ECO-8020 SPA Monthly Maintenance Clarifier 8 oz

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Short Description

SPA Monthly is a chemical-free maintenance product used to clear spa water, while also softening your skin.

Spa Chemical Features:

  • Biodegradable
  • Made in USA
  • Works with most sanitizers such as mineral cartridges, dichlor and bromine
  • Perfect for people with sensitive skin
  • Environmentally friendly, natural ingredients


Eco One SPA Monthly is a maintenance product used to clarify your spa water, and the added coconut extract softens and moisturizes your skin.

SPA Monthly is a natural, organic compound that lures and drags in bacteria, oils, and other contaminants to neutralize and clarify the water. At the same time, the coconut extract divides and spreads. Progressively working to soften skin and coat the filter. This increases filtration and makes cleaning the filter easier. Not only can SPA Monthly clarify the water and soften your skin, but it also stabilizes your pH and Alkalinity levels, making maintenance less work.

One bottle of SPA monthly will treat a spa up to 500 gallons for a full month. Easy to use and with so many benefits it is perfect for any spa owner wishing for a safer, more comfortable experience.



Using only natural ingredients, EcoOne provides a simple, non-toxic sanitization system for your spa. Greatly reducing the amount of harsh chemicals needed for proper balance.

Sparkling Water

EcoOne naturally eliminates bacteria. Softening your water and contributing to the sparkling clarity of your spa.

Easy to use

Spa Monthly is extraordinarily easy to use. Simply pour the dosage directly into your spa water and enjoy the pure clarity Spa Monthly produces

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