DEL Ozone SO-RPAM-26 SO CD Ozone Generator for Portable Spas with Amp Cord (attached)

DEL Ozone SO with Amp Cord
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About the DEL Ozone SO-RPAM-26
The SO Corona Discharge (CD) Ozone Generator is manufactured by DEL Ozone, the leading authority in ozone worldwide.

Spa Ozonator Features:

  • Unit weight: 3 lbs
  • Unit listings: UR, CE, TUV
  • Unit voltage: Only available in 220V
  • Unit dimensions: 9 ¼in H x 5 ½in L x 2" D
  • Unit plug availability: AMP, Mini Ozone, AEWARE
  • Parts bag includes: 5" 7-0075 tubing, 7-1140-01 check valve, 2-0078 clamps (four), Two screws, and a manual

More Information

When installed properly, an ozone generator will kill up to 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, cysts, yeasts, molds and mildew. Ozone also eliminates undesirable contaminants including metals and minerals, skin, oils, lotions, perfumes and other organic matter by clumping them together until they are big enough to be filtered out. This process leaves your water crystal clear and sparkling clean. The SO Corona Discharge (CD) Ozone Generator is manufactured by DEL Ozone, the leading authority in ozone worldwide. SO stands for "Standard Output", but this unit produces much more ozone than those on the market today. Increased ozone allows you to use a lot less chemicals. A lot less chemicals is better for you and our environment, not to mention it saves you money. With a long lifespan of 3-5 years (depending how many hours a day you run your ozone generator) this generator will allow you to use much less chemicals all the way around including bromine or chlorine, shock, and chemistry aids (such as pH down or up). Do you still need to use traditional chlorine or bromine? Yes, but only in extremely small amounts. Your ozone generator does all the hard work by sanitizing your water quickly and efficiently, leaving only life-giving oxygen behind. The purpose of using small amounts of chlorine or bromine is to provide a second layer of sanitation as a back-up. Good news: ozone breaks down the undesirable chemical by-products of chlorine and bromine, and your water is left essentially chemical-free. With ozone, your spa will smell, feel and look better.

DEL Ozone SO CD unit, like the MCD-50, has an output of 50 mg/hour which is enough ozone to sanitize up to 1,500 gallons of spa water. The DEL SO unit is robust, reliable and has a long lifespan.

Imagine yourself spending more time in crystal clear water with less time balancing water chemistry. Why wait? Update your spa's water today.

DEL Ozone SO-RPAM-26 Specifications


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