DEL Ozone MCD-50RPAM2-240-60 MCD-50 High-Output for Spas 220V (UR) Amp Connector

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DEL Ozone MCD-50 220V Amp
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About the DEL Ozone MCD-50RPAM2-240-60
The DEL Ozone MCD-50 Ozone Generator uses the pure and powerful sanitizing effects of Corona Discharge ozone.




Ozonators by DEL Ozone include an eco-friendly design that features CD ozone, used to minimize chlorine content up to 80% while reducing hazardous pollutants and chemical induced irritants, including red eyes and dry skin
Amp Cord

Amp Cord

Inserting in an Amp receptacle located on the spa controller, this Amp Connector joins your DEL Ozone MCD-50 system to your spa. Constructed of plastic, its four connection prongs are placed in a row with squeeze-to-release buttons on each side for easy removal

More Information

The DEL Ozone MCD-50 Ozone Generator uses the pure and powerful sanitizing effects of Corona Discharge ozone to leave your spa water safe and clean while drastically lowering your chemical needs. For use in spas up to 1,000 gallons, this 220V MCD-50 is made with a ceramic exterior for improved corrosion resistance and durability and is mounted on the interior wall of the spa. It features an amp connection and is considered high output, at a rate of 50 mg per hour rated airflow. The MCD-50 includes a replaceable ozone generating electrode and power supply, as well as everything needed for installation, including tubing, a backflow preventer, and mounting hardware.

DEL Ozone MCD-50RPAM2-240-60 Specifications



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Alan S. said:
2 years ago
WOW! I have had this for a year now and it is way better then I was told. I have a six person hot tub and at first I was told to use half the bromine or maybe a little less. So every month I would use a little less and a little less. I have been out of state for 3 months and forgot to take care of my hot tub. So no bromine for 3 months and my tub is clean and fresh as new. Granted there have been no people in it. But still that is amazing.. Even with people in it I only use about 10% of what I use .. more
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skeighter said:
3 years ago
Had a DelOzone product before. It died pretty much after the first year. Used a different UV ozonator after that, but it barely lasted 2 years. This one seems MUCH more well built than the old Del I had. Doc's for install were non-existent in the box. I just matched the wiring to the old plug setup. Plugged it in, fired up the spa and the ozonator lit right up. A day later I could smell the sweetness of the ozone and the water was crystal clear. Great deal. Almost $20 less than on other .. more
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