Balboa Bundled System VS501
Balboa Bundled System VS501 Balboa Bundled System VS500 Retro-Fit Kit Complete Balboa VS501 Mini Retrofit Kit
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Balboa 54220-Z Bundled System VS501Z Retrofit Kit Complete (Controls Primary Pump, Heater, Light, and Ozonator or Secondary Pump)

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Short Description

This Retrofit Kit will operate a flow thru heater, one 2 speed pump, a second 1 speed pump OR ozonator, and 1 spa light. Includes oval topside.

Spa Part Features:

  • Built on patented M7 sensor technology
  • Custom designed plastic enclosure
  • 120/240v convertible power supply
  • US & Canadian safety approvals
  • High reliability - built-in & tested
  • Easy to install & service
  • Integrated functionality
  • The Balboa VS501 Retro-Fit Kit Complete includes:
  • BALBOA PN-11127 Overlay
  • Spa Light Assembly, without Lens
  • 120V/240V Convertible System DUPLEX
  • One 2-spd Pump Cord, Two 1-spd. Pump Cord
  • BALBOA PN-11718 Retro-fit Topside Adapter
  • Balboa PN-54356-HC VS501Z System 120V/240 With Cords
  • BALBOA PN-52144 Mini-oval Topside Panel (Buttons are 1 Pump, Light, Blower)


Balboa Bundled System VS501Z Retrofit Kit Complete / Mini-Oval / Retrofit Bezel w/ Cords (Pump 1, Blower or Pump 2, Light, Ozone) - 54220-Z

The Value Series (VS) family of Hot Tub Control Systems are designed using Balboa's patented M7 temperature and flow sensor technology and universal control platform. The universal control platform increases feature flexibility while reducing installation and configuration problems. Balboa's patented M7 temperature probe technology eliminates failure prone pressure switches while simplifying installations by not having to drill additional holes for sensors. Systems have a plastic enclosure to eliminate water intrusion. Connectors are built onto the circuit board minimizing wires and simplifying service. All models feature convertible power supply and support mini, duplex or standard digital panels.