AutoPilot 75001 Pool Chemistry Controller for Pool Pilot Total Control Systems

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Chemistry Controller
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About the AutoPilot 75001
The AutoPilot Pool Chemistry Controller - 75001 works with the total control system to help chlorinate your pool and monitor your ph levels.

Salt Chlorinator Features:

  • No more chlorine
  • No more chlorine
  • No more chlorine
  • No more adding acid
  • Your water chemistry is monitered without you having to do it




Salt chlorinating systems help to lower the use of tradtional chemical us by eliminating the need for chlorine and bromine

More Information

Say good bye to your pool guy! The AutoPilot Pool Chemistry Controller, when used as part of the AutoPilot Total Control System, senses ORP and pH levels and dispenses chlorine while controlling pH for effortless and complete pool sensitization.

This system utilizes a flow switch that verifies the pump is is providing new water samples to the sensors. A pH sensor the is always measuring the the pH levels while simultaneously adding acid when the pH levels should rise above the set point. An ORP sensor that is always measuring the sanitizer levels in the water and telling the digital chlorine generator to produce more or less based on the current demand. Last but not least the system uses a Flow cell as sensor protection that reads the water chemistry at any given time.

The AutoPilot Pool Chemistry Controller takes the guess work out of the science of clean water making it simple and user friendly for all.

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